Period Pain treatment, the Best Way.

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How to get rid of period pain?

period pain treatment can be simple but effective if you choose our comfortable periods pad.

comfortable periods pad are made of various herbal extracts at high temperature, get extracts from loquat leaves, peony, Sichuan dome, safflower, Angelica, Rehmannia, Ganoderma lucidum, volcanic energy stone, motherwort , aggregata, Guizhi , Cyperus , Millettla , fennel, chitin, vitamin C, and so on, combined all of their effects to completely cure period cramps.

Made by unique process, which means they can be double absorbed with waste free.

Effective ingredient medicines in period cramps relief pad, go through human blood Meridian Center Shenque (navel), get into the body, pharmacodynamic effect work in lesion cavity, dispel coldness and regulate the flow of vital energy, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, Gastrointestinal dampness, accelerate circulation of blood, restrain the pain, make vital energy and blood flow freely, and so on.

Effectively relieve period cramps, dysmenorrhea and relief of all types of colic, pain, pain, burning pain, tingling, pain in the abdomen caused by period cramps, dysmenorrhea, can also complete eliminate menstrual cramps, dizziness, nausea, breast expansion, waist and knee discomfort.

natural irregular periods treatment
period pain treatment, natural way is the best way.

Natural period pain treatment comfortable periods pad can be the best choice.

Stick comfortable periods pad to one of the point close to your navel, Shenque (navel), vaginal points (1 inch below the navel), Guanyuan (3 inches below the navel). Shenque (navel), the qi and the blood connection of mother and baby, is the source of human life.

In Chinese medical, Shenque (navel) is the key point of period pain, dysmenorrhea.

Shenque (navel) inline twelve meridians, organs, the four limbs, is is in the middle of conception ve el meridian, work as a connecting role, so by reinforcing deficiency and reducing excess through Shenque, ascending the clear and descending the turbid through Shenque (navel), regulate internal organs yin and yang, accessible qi blood to cure different diseases.

period pain-comfortable periods pad have outstanding effect on period pain, dysmenorrhea.

period pain, dysmenorrhea posted significant effect: Reinforcing the Vital Essence and Strengthening the Primordial Qi (Pei- yuan consolidate), promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieve the pain by warming the meridians, ; activation of human disease genes, balance body functions, enhance immunity, improve microcirculation; adjust the human endocrine system, increase metabolism, maintain a healthy mental state.

comfortable periods pad applicability

Accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain, relieve fatigue, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, stick to around the navel on female users’ abdomen and reduce local site pain.

Indications function

Through the meridians, smooth qi and blood circulation, dispel dehumidification and cold, reducing swelling, Yang deficiency, warm uterus adjust menstruation. Indications Palace cold and coldness of the abdomen, Period cramps, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, irregular menstruation and waist bulge.

Primary Period cramps, dysmenorrhea and secondary Period cramps, dysmenorrhea: with cold-damp stagnation, vital energy and blood stasis, disorder of functional activities of qi.

Continuous menstrual pain, accompanied by back pain, people who like hot scared of cold; pale, drip cold sweat, cold hands and feet, unable to sit down or sleep at ease; endocrine disorders, making the face lost in nourish, acne, spots, dull, etc. external problem.