Cramps but no period, cramping but no period.

Why period cramps but no period happen?

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How period cramps but no period happen?

Periods or menstruation start at 11-13 years old. This stage girls experiences her body changes in different ways.

Hormones become a major change and the effects become obvious, both internally and externally. Menstrual cycle become a systematic process, any disruption is caused by imbalance in hormones.

The symptoms of periods differ according to personal health, and cramps is the most common. The cramps mostly happen on hips, legs, abdomen, back. Sometimes cramps last long, periods is delayed or even missed.

Why period cramps but no period happen?

Cramps during menstruation is quite normal. Uterine muscles contract to discharge uterine lining from body. Muscular cramps causes abdominal cramping. Pain is quite normal, and it is a healthy sign during normal cycles.

Two hormones, estrogen and progesterone are a key role. Once the menstruation is over, your body will start prepare itself again for ovulation. Thus, mild cramps during ovulation should be a genuine normal symptom, unless cramps becomes severe.

The most common reason of cramps without period is menstrual cycle delayed.

It mostly happens when you are experiencing stress, physical or mental, or environmental changes.

Food habits and lifestyle change also important in controlling the hormones activities. Disturbance in ovulation process and cramps takes place more often can lead to delayed period.

Period delay can also come from endometriosis, uterine fibroids. Both conditions are extremely painful, marked as severe cramps.

Period pain symptoms or period cramps without periods is also including under premenstrual syndrome.

It’s really irritating to experience cramps without period’s occurrence.

Period cramps associated other symptoms: morning sickness, mood swings, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, lack of sexual activity, etc.

The cramps indicate that period is going to start within one or two days. If you have persistent cramps but no period, then cramps might also be associated with some other factors.

Cramps without periods can be early pregnancy sign.

Don’t confuse period cramps but no period with early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy are often confused with menstrual periods. In early pregnancy occurs cramps because uterine muscles expands to implant embryo.

Muscles expansion causes pain around abdominal region, this is once again can be normal, but what if you get a negative pregnancy test plus simultaneously experience cramps without periods, what should be the reason? If negative pregnancy test with cramping but no periods occur at the same period, then you need get medical checkup immediately.

Severe cramps could due to internal complications.

The most common is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (which called PCOS), or ovarian cyst. PCOS occurs due to rise of androgen levels.

It can leads to formation in the ovary of multiple cysts. If PCOS not diagnosed at early stages, will cause infertility.

If you have irregular periods, experience severe cramps, you need get yourself diagnosed properly to find out any underlying condition. Periods disturbances also arise if you suffer from indigestion problems and thyroid gland disorders.

You can wait around a week if your periods are delayed, but if the condition prevails, or your periods are missed, please make sure go for a medical checkup.

In order to avoid aggravation of the symptoms, please don’t neglect any complications of internal health.

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