Comfortable Periods Testimonials

Angella Shelton ·

Period Pain relief relieved my cramps better than any over-the-counter pain reliever does. Loved it!

Alexandra Schottler ·

comfortable periods pad is a fantastic product that not only solved the problem I have had since my menstruation cycles began but it also helped me to feel totally confident during periods. I am thankful !!

Dora D. Covert ·

I highly recommend these to any woman who has moderate to severe cramps. I’ve never found anything as effective as this product on my menstrual cramps. Every woman should have these in the house. This works and works really fine!

Tihana Andric ·

I have even occasionnally handed some to suffering colleagues, and hey, everyone is astonished at how well these work. And they worked quickly and without any side effects on everyone I have given them. Got to love them!

Sabrina Ramos ·

Thank you so much for inventing this product! I’m going through horrible irregualr periods and this product saved me from the hell, I just feel more confident. Thank you so much!!!!

Laura Purington ·

I love the product! It has made my life SO much easier! I have recommended Period pain relief to my sister and my best friend. If I’d only had this Months ago!

Jacquelyn Tolbert ·

I have tried the comfortable periods pad and am a believer, they were just what I have been looking for. I admire your creative and innovative endeavor and hope the best for everything. Take care!

Cornelia Wolf ·

Your product was recommeded to me by a colleague of mine and since then it is good enough for me! This really helped me to get rid of the hell of menstrual cramps!

Kerstin Thompson ·

I have suffered with bad menstrual cramps for years and years. I had always used Nuprin or Midol with moderate success – they would take the edge off but never really worked great (although I am saying that in retrospect because what I thought was relief wasn’t nearly what I think it is now!). I started using comfortable periods pad each month when they would hit and all I can say is “Oh my! What an improvement!” My relief with comfortable periods pad is much better than with anything else.

Flecia Howard ·

Advil, Tylenol, Asprin, none of these worked for me. comfortable periods pad did a wonderful job for me. Feeling relaxed and relieved!

Shirley Elliott ·

I cannot believe I had not heard of your product before! I was tweeting about menstrual cramps issues when I scrolled down and found your product. Amazing!

Kasara Hosmer ·

I have to say this product worked wonderful for me and I so advise people who have not tried this to please give it a try I love it and it really does work even if you have the very bad cramps help then too and you don’t have to stay in bed u can be up and go on with your everyday life with this patch I give it 5 star rating

Tamara Fleming

I have been suffering unbearable pain the past few months and have searched the Internet for something natural and healthy that solves this problem. In the meantime I’ve been on high doses of painkillers to cope with the pain. By the second pad, I have been entirely pain free, which is more than the pain killers did for me! I am so grateful!