Can marriage heal period pain, dysmenorrhea?

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Most period pain, dysmenorrhea after marriage or childbirth will heal itself. Because blood and exfoliation endometrium, cannot smoothly flowing through the cervix, is a major cause of dysmenorrhea.

Women after childbirth, cervix will become flabby, blood and endometrial ablative can be easily discharged, period pain and dysmenorrhea will be healed.

However, there’s many causes of period pain, dysmenorrhea, such as the uterus bent over backward, poor or deformity (such as double angle uterus, uterine septum, etc.) uterus malformed, vagina deformity, pelvic lump, annex inflammation and endometriosis psychosis.

Therefore, you cannot just wait for marriage and childbearing, but should go to the hospital obstetrics and gynecology, ask your doctor comprehensive examination, do treatment accordingly.

This is not only treatment of period pain, dysmenorrhea, but also to early detection and treatment of diseases can cause dysmenorrhea, also for marriage and need fertility.

In order to prevent the occurrence of period pain, dysmenorrhea, should pay special attention: pay attention to mental health during menstruation, keep stable and good mood, avoid strenuous exercise and excessive fatigue, avoid tub and swimming, avoid cold food.